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Continuous Days of Adventure

Hello, four-legged friends and humans!

We are a Chilean couple 🇨🇱, adventurers 🌎, pet lovers 🐶💕🐱, and computer geeks 👩🏼‍💻🧑🏻‍💻, who have found the perfect formula to combine our passions: traveling, working, and above all, taking care of your adorable pets.

Picture this: while you’re away on vacation or work, your little furry friends are not just in good hands — they’re in the best hands. We offer all our affection, care, and of course, constant companionship, as we work from home. This means no whimpers or sad glances towards the door for your companions. Instead, there are games, walks, and all the attention and love they deserve. 🥰

Our journey through Europe has led us to discover incredible places, but the truth is that no view compares to the sight of a tail wagging with happiness or the satisfied purring of a cat curled up in our laps. Would you like to know more about our adventures and the furry friends we have cared for along the way? Keep exploring and find out how your pet could be the next star in our journey.

If our care and attention to your beloved furry friends have filled you with gratitude and you want to show us some love, please feel free to leave us a tip. Every small gesture encourages us to continue this wonderful journey! ❤️

Our Adventure

Greetings from somewhere around the globe! ✌🏼️We are Belén and Fabián 👩🏼‍❤‍👨🏻, two soulmates in the prime of our thirties hehe, with a free spirit and a passion that unites us: the charming world of animals and the wonders of technology. As computer engineers, the world is our office and, even more sweetly, our home is wherever the pets we take care of are.

We’ve turned our ability to work remotely into an opportunity to experience new cultures, landscapes, and most importantly, make new furry friends. From the vibrant pulse of Budapest to the serene beauty of the French countryside, every place offers us a chance to meet a new four-legged companion. ❤️

Don’t just take our word for it. Discover the experiences of those who have trusted us with the care of their pets. Additionally, we invite you to visit our profile on ➡ TrustedHousesitters where you can explore our experiences and read the testimonials of those who have experienced the dedication and love we put into every pet care.

Gallery of Adventures

Our photos speak louder than a thousand words! 😻 We want to share the experiences and joys we’ve lived during our adventures with our furry friends. Each image tells a story of love and friendship that fills our hearts and we remember daily. 💕


If our love and dedication to caring for your pets have touched your heart and you want to help us continue this adventure of traveling and caring for pets, any contribution is welcome and deeply appreciated. ❤️

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Going on vacation or need a trustworthy person to take care of your pet while you work? Look no further! Here’s what we offer:

🐾 Uninterrupted Companionship: As we work from home, your beloved furry friends will never be alone. They will always have someone to play with, pamper, and take care of them!

🐕 Daily Adventures and Exercise: We know that fun walks and exercise are essential for your pet’s happiness (and for us too, hehe).

❤️ Endless Love and Affection: We give them all the love, attention, and care they deserve, just like our own furry companions.

If our experiences resonate with you and you’d like us to take care of your pet, leave us a message and we’ll respond faster than a dog chasing its favorite ball. 🐶

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